Air Conditioning

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We carry out Air Conditioning service and repairs. We can supply and fit any parts you may require and hold the
Technical Information required to service and maintain your system. Air Conditioning should be run not only in the
summer but the winter also. The system should be run at least once a month to avoid any problems and keep the
system in good order. Remember Air Conditioning is for warming the interior as well as cooling it and it helps
prevent steamed up windows.
So trust the guys at Queen Street Garage to check & re-gas your air-conditioning unit & stay cool every summer
without adversely affecting the environment. Air conditioning in cars is a great bonus these days - but only if it's working properly!

They are prone to all sorts of problems, so if your one isn't functioning correctly or you feel it's not working quite as well as it should,
please contact us to day for an appointment. They also require regular servicing so don't leave it until the hottest day for yours to
break down!


How do i know when it is time for my Air Conditioning to be re charged?

How old is my car?
Normally you wouldn't need to recharge your system for approximately four years from new.

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When was it last recharged?
Are there any stickers under the bonnet, giving you dates of the last recharge? If you cannot see
any it is best to have it checked out.
It will save you money in the long run!

Why have my air conditioning serviced if its working ok?
Your air conditioning needs servicing the same as your car engine, it needs oil for the compressor or it will seize up.
There is a filter that collects moisture and debris from the coolant, eventually the filter will get blocked, this will lessen
the performance of the system and consequently the unit will stop working.



You can guarantee it will
be when you need it most

Think ahead and save money!